We help food businesses add value to their products and increase ‎their profits through innovation. Furthermore, we seek to inspire ‎visionary entrepreneurs and innovative researchers to think ahead ‎and try to anticipate what the food industry is going to ‎need in the ‎future, so they can start solving tomorrow’s problems today.‎‏ ‏



Accelerating change across the globe!‎

We aim to generate a new movement in the food industry, to ‎accelerate change, and to ‎make a difference. Within the next three ‎years, we aspire to become a global community, and we look ‎forward to building partnerships with international organizations ‎and institutions, as well as world-class leading companies in the ‎food sector and beyond.‎


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to control the food ‎chain efficiently, to extend the shelf-life of perishable food, and to ‎reduce waste.‎


Core values:‎

The guiding principles of our community are founded on four ‎pillars:

  • Spreading knowledge worldwide
  • Fostering creativity and innovation ‎
  • Promoting environmental responsibility
  • Enhancing food security and sustainability‎